Because every client is unique I offer free consults for anyone looking to hire my services.


Professional photography is an investment in memories and quality exposure. I work in commercial and editorial photography specifically to tell your story and I would love to work with you and your business next! Contact me for a free consult if you’d like to discuss hiring me for a specific job.



My editorial services are geared toward expressing the emotions and themes behind a story. I capture the heart and soul of my subject and covey that through high quality, riveting photographs. I ensure the spirit of each story I cover shines through in my images.



Advertisement and Marketing photography for brands and products should always embody the soul of the business and so I make sure that my photographs are geared toward each unique client and filled with meaning and brand identity that will set you apart.

Note: If you would like to inquire about licensing any of my existing photos please contact me to discuss further.


Latest Testimonials

I am so grateful I found Kiera. She has been such a blessing to my team and I. We needed help to raise funds for our Non-profit and the content she created helped us to raise our goal amount within two weeks of the campaign launch. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a joy to work with.

Wendy | True Love

Latest Testimonials

I've worked with Kiera on a highly dynamic shoot and found her work ethic, enthusiasm, and attention to detail a powerful combination. I would highly recommend her when your project demands excellence.

John Mullis | Film Producer


Video Marketing is the newest, and by far best, way to get your brand story told. Video combines attention grabbing visuals, inspiring sound design, and a gripping narrative that keeps your audience riveted to the screen. A video will communicate more of your mission far faster than any other medium. It helps your brand stand out as irresistible and will impact a viewer with a lasting impression of your business.



When people feel connected to you, see you as a friendly face, they are left with a better impression of your brand. They’re more likely to invest their time and resources into supporting you over your competitors. If you want to appeal to your target audience in a genuine and immersive way a Story Film is what you want. Captivate your audience with the full story.



You want to make a good first impression! You never want anyone to visit your site and be confused as to who you are and what you can do for them. The Explainer Video is a key marketing tool that many use to help their audience gain an immediate, fast understanding of how they operate, make their products, or just what their service is meant to do for their customers.



Event videos are a great way to promote your business on social media and the web. Having high quality video coverage of your event or festival is proof that you are a legitimate business and helps to strengthen your connection with your fans and increase favorability. If you want to spread the word and create major hype around your business an Event Video is for you!


01. How much does ----- cost?

Because every client and their needs are different I offer a free consultation so that we can talk about you specifically and what your goals are. I will be able to give you a far more accurate quote once I know the level of project you would like to engage in.

02. What if I want to do more than one type of service?

That's great! There's no problem with that just be sure to mention it to me during your free consultation that you'd like multiple videos, video and photography, etc.

03. How do I receive my videos or images?

You will receive your content digitally via a file sharing site. If you have a preference towards having a hard copy I will provide a suitable external hard drive or USB that will be an add on charge.

04. What if I want something not listed on the services page?

No problem at all! I'm happy to work with you and see to it that you have what you need. I'm glad that you've come to me and excited to hear what you have in mind. Just be sure to contact me and give me the details so that we can set up a call.